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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Target groups
At a Glance

figure: Target Group

Target Visitor Groups

      • Industrial Users
      • Craftsmen
      • Architects and Planners
      • Experts from local authorities
      • Facility Managers, Investors, Planners from the  real estate sector
      • Energy Suppliers
      • Service Providers



    Main focus of the products presented

    Solutions for building technology

    • Electrical building installation and systems technology
    • Security and surveillance
    • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning
    • Transmission, reception and broadband technology
    • Information and communication technology
    • Services

    Solutions for industrial applications

    • Drive technology
    • Control technology
    • Measurement, testing and sensor technology
    • Infrastructure / industrial installation technology
    • Industrial communication / network technology
    • Industrial software
    • Services

    At elektrotechnik, benefit from:

    • the latest trends, innovations and sectoral developments in the main topic areas of building services and industrial applications.
    • latest information and news from producers at the very outset of the business year.
    • the major industry providers, representing all sectoral areas under a single roof.
    • the entire range of industry products and services, presented within a logical, comprehensible structure.
    • information focused on dedicated topics and on areas of current interest (e.g. lighting technology).
    • a comprehensive and informative feature programme for ongoing training, knowledge transfer and stimulation of high-quality ideas.
    • a platform for education and ongoing training, and for career opportunities in the electrical and electronics sectors.
    Stand booking