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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅


Westenhellweg High Street

Westenhellweg High Street is the main shopping street in Dortmund. It is a pedestrian zone that allows you to go on a shopping spree without being disturbed by car traffic.  

Thier-Galerie (Westenhellweg 102-106) 

When you walk along the Westenhellweg High Street, you will sooner or later come across Dortmund’s latest shopping centre, the ‘Thier-Galerie’, which was erected on the former Thier Brewery site. 160 shops in a new and modern ambience await the visitors. 

The Dortmund Quality Route (www.qualitaetsroute-dortmund.de) 

The Dortmund Quality Route (German: Qualitätsroute Dortmund) is an alliance of owner-managed shops in Dortmund. It offers guidance and assistance in the selection of shops best suited to your desires. 

BVB Fan World (‘BVB FanWelt’ opposite the Dortmund Exhibition Centre, Strobelallee 41) 

The entire BVB football fan product range is showcased in two 600 sqm areas. About 1,000 different products are on offer.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 18:30, on home match days until one hour after the end of the match. On Sunday match days from 10:00 until one hour after the end of the match.

Food & Drinks

Rosenterassen (at the Dortmund Exhibition Centre site, in the Mercure Hotel, Strobelallee 41, 44139 Dortmund, Germany) 

The Rosenterrassen Restaurant at the Westfalenhallen site invites daily to a lunch buffet. Enjoy the proximity to the Westfalenhallen site in a recently modernised ambience. Whether it be before or after trade fairs and events or before BVB home matches, the Rosenterrassen Restaurant is always a good choice.

The furniture is characterised by an unobtrusive dark wood style. Attractive black-and-white photographs and posters featuring the great history of the Westfalenhallen Dortmund Exhibition Centre adorn the walls. The rooms are accessible for the disabled. In short: An attractive ‘new’ restaurant in direct vicinity of the Westfalenhallen site awaits the visitors. Easy to get to by public transport and with  a beautiful view of the rose garden.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The guests can choose from an extensive lunch buffet between 12:00 and 14:30 on seven days a week.      Opening times: 6:30 to 18:00                                                                                                          Table reservations: Telephone: +49(0)231-1204 260.                                                                               

lokalmanufaktur (near Stadtgarten/Friedensplatz 1, 44135 Dortmund, Germany www.lokalmanufaktur.de)                                                                                                


Are you looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy a cosy ambience and escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine? In that case, the lokalmanufaktur restaurant at Dortmund Town Hall is the right choice for you. We offer you the perfect setting with a varied menu and homemade beer.                                                                                                                                                                 



Buffalo Beef

Kietztörtchen – The café in Dortmund’s 'Kreuzviertel' quarter (Essener Strasse 12, www.kieztoertchen.de)


Kietztörtchen, a café that places great importance on regional and seasonal products, is situated not far from the Westfalenhallen site. It goes without saying that the café’s specialities are gateaux and coffee drinks but lunch specials also attract visitors to the Kreuzviertel quarter. 

monchi Kitchen – Sushi in a small but fine ambience (Essener Strasse 12, www.monchi-kitchen.de)


Directly next to the Kietztörtchen café, 'monchi Kitchen' serves sushi, soups and Teriyaki chicken, served with passion, in a small restaurant with turquoise walls and a special flair. 

Herr Walter – An event ship in Dortmund’s port (Speicherstrasse 90, herr-walter.de)


Herr Walter is an out-of-service, converted cargo ship that was used as a towboat for several decades and now invites guests to a unique ambience where drinks and snacks are served, parties are held or readings are given. 

Hohoffs 800° – The Dortmund Steakhouse (Deusener Strasse 215, www.hohoffs800.de/dortmund/) 


This is where guests are served THE Dortmund Steak in a rustic and simultaneously fine ambience that reminds you of the interior of US farmhouses. A table reservation is highly recommended. 

Pfefferkorn (Hoher Wall 38, dortmund.pfefferkorn-restaurants.de/) 


A top-class culinary experience. Enjoy the stylish flair at its best in an extraordinary ambience. 

Brauhaus Wenkers  (Betenstrasse 1, wenkers.de/) 


A rustic and modern restaurant. It is a tied house of the Dortmund Kronen Brewery and offers good, seasonal meals.        

The Brückstrasse quarter – Fast food and night life. 


You can easily get to the Brückstrasse quarter by taking the Underground to the ‘Hauptbahnhof’(main railway station), ‘Kampstrasse’ or ‘Reinoldikirche’ stations. This quarter mainly consists of a pedestrian zone and is well-known for its large number of restaurants and snack bars – but also for its vibrant night life. (Google Maps - Brückstr.)